I-Tip Microlink Extensions

I-Tip Microlinks are attached in small sections using individual strands by using a silicon-lined micro ring with a double loop interlocking system. That means no keratin, glues or any heat at all. The looping method helps the hair to not shift or slide.

Microlinks are also referred to as Cold Fusions, Micro Bead, I-Tip, I Link Extensions or Shoelace Extensions.I


At Nina Ross we have performed hundreds of Microlinks services for women of all ethnicities and hair types. If you're considering getting this method rest assured knowing you're in great hands with us.



Microlinks are great for:

  • Camouflaging hair loss. Since we have full control over the placement of links, certain thin spots can be given more links to create a more full and balanced appearance.

  • Placing links in a way that makes the face appear more youthful.



Caring for Microlinks

Micro ring hair extensions can be reused/refitted and, if properly cared for, can last 6-8 months. They are maintained by having them re-tightened when they grow out. If any slip out, your technician can easily put them back in.



Benefits of Microlinks

  • You can easily color your hair with the extensions in as the ring does not stain or ruin

  • There is no adhesive used, just the loop and ring

  • Easy to readjust

  • Easy re-installation

  • Hair can be reused

  • Very fast, easy removal



Maintaining Microlinks

We guarantee our microlinks method for 6-8 months when all home care instructions are followed and you come in for a maintenance appointment every 2 months.



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