What Are the Benefits of Steam Therapy?

What Are the Benefits of Steam Therapy?

Posted on: 2020-11-09 || Posted by: Nina Ross

If your hair lacks sufficient moisture or isn’t receptive to your favorite moisturizing products, then it’s time to consider adding steam therapy to your hair care regimen

What Is Steam Therapy?

Steam therapy is the process of using moist heat to open up your pores and hair follicles to promote moisture absorption. 

It’s a fantastic way to make your hair absorb treatments and moisturizing products.

If your hair is dry or sheds, steam therapy is an excellent, natural way to enhance its overall quality.

What Are The Benefits Of Steam Therapy?

Whether your hair is relaxed or natural [kinks, coils, or curls] hair steaming gives so many benefits to your hair from root to tip. 

Let's take a look at the benefits of steam therapy:

1. Boosts Blood Flow to the Scalp

Steam therapy helps stimulate blood flow to the scalp. Circulation at the scalp level is a necessary, classic component of hair growth. 

If there’s no blood flow to the scalp, hair follicles wither, wrecking your hair growth cycle and causing hair loss.

2. Opens Up Your Pores

Steam therapy helps open your pores, which is vital to growing or re-growing your hair. It rids your scalp of dirt, debris, and product build-up. 

Clogged pores disrupt the hair growth cycle, causing thinning or premature hair loss.

3. Lifts the Cuticle and Promotes Moisture Retention

If your hair struggles to retain adequate levels of hydration, steaming your hair will improve its moisture penetration. 

Steam therapy lifts your cuticle and makes it receptive to moisture and hair products.  

4. Improves Hair Elasticity

Moisture is an essential ingredient for healthy hair. Hair elasticity is a term commonly used to describe hair that can withstand daily manipulations without snapping. 

Steam therapy provides your hair with moisture that makes it stretch and return to its original shape without breaking.

So, How Often Should I Steam My Hair?

For best results, steam therapy should be done on clean hair. The average steam treatment lasts 10-20 minutes. If your hair doesn’t respond or feels drier, then you should aim for 20-30 minutes. 

Again, the goal during this session is to open your cuticles.

Depending on your hair's condition, you may need to allow your natural or relaxed locks to indulge in steam therapy once a week to boost their hydration levels.

Steam therapy is an excellent way to revitalize your hair. 

However, be careful not to overdo it. 

Too much steam therapy causes your hair to inherit high-porosity characteristics, leaving it over-saturated, limp, and incapable of holding a hairstyle.  

As a result, you should stretch your steam therapy treatments out to once or twice a month.

Final Thoughts

Steam therapy is an excellent way to improve low-porosity hair or dry hair that struggles to retain moisture. 

Steam therapy enhances your scalp’s health and helps strengthen your hair. 

You deserve more manageable, vibrant hair that doesn’t break off easily.

That’s what we do for you at Nina Ross, talk to us now.

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