Scalp Micro Pigmentation = Hair But Not Hair

Scalp Micro Pigmentation = Hair But Not Hair

Posted on: 2021-03-07 || Posted by: Nina Ross

The process of Scalp Micro pigmentation is a presented as a boon for people suffering from Hair Loss. It gives them an immediate result, but is this a long-lasting solution?

 Is Scalp Micro Pigmentation the answer?

Don’t like that bald spot on your head or are you frustrated because of that receding hairline? You want some hair to grow out but all those DIYs proved a failure and you are still nowhere near growing out a hair follicle or two on your scalp?

Scalp Micro pigmentation, might be the answer you are searching for. An innovative technology, Scalp Micro pigmentation, commonly known as hair tattoo or SMP for short, is a highly advanced method where a person undergoes cosmetic pigmentation, so as to receive an illusion of fuller hair on the scalp.

How Scalp Micro Pigmentation Works

Scalp Micro pigmentation gives the appearance of a buzz cut hairstyle on bald heads and helps add density to a thinning/receding hairline.

Scalp Micro pigmentation is also helpful in concealing scars resulting from hair transplantation, burns, surgery done on scalp. It is also used in the treatment for hair loss due to Alopecia, commonly known as, spot baldness.

The process of Scalp Micro pigmentation includes embedding of controlled amount of pigments or inks using micro needles into the scalp to create tiny impressions that are similar to that of a hair follicle.

A topical local anesthesia is applied to numb the area to be tattooed to counter any pain or discomfort to be felt during the procedure. Depending on a person’s pain tolerance, the pain or discomfort may differ. Getting an SMP done on an irritated or inflamed scalp might not be a good idea, as it will only increase one’s discomfort.

Is Scalp Micro pigmentation expensive?

The cost of Scalp Micro pigmentation varies depending on many factors such as the place where you live, the kind of clinic you choose, the area you want treated and how many treatments you need for a natural looking finish of the pigmentation.

Also, a clinic with more advanced equipment and experienced SMP practitioners will charge more as they guarantee best results. Typically, one may require at least three sessions or more depending on the area required to be pigmented and how well the skin on scalp responds to the pigmentation.

A patch test is done before the treatments are started to check, the correct color of ink to be used and if the patient’s skin responds well to the process.

Scalp Micro pigmentation is non-surgical process, requires almost no maintenance, except for caring for the irritated skin for a few days after the process and has no recovery time.

Are there side effects to Scalp Micro Pigmentation?

To talk about its side effects, Scalp Micro pigmentation is a relatively new process, so there is not much data regarding that, but there are two concerns that need to be looked at.

One, being the cleanliness of the needles to be used and the cleanliness ensured during the entire process. Two, whether the person undergoing the treatment is allergic to the ink formula to be used.

Nonetheless, the hair tattoo is a quick, easy and effective method to treat hair loss, when one wants immediate results. It’s a safe and natural looking alternative for Hair restoration. The hairline can be adjusted and freshened up easily using this process.

The process is similar to getting a tattoo, the difference is, through SMP, pigments are dotted on the scalp, keeping in check, to not penetrate the epidermal layer of skin as deep as the normal tattoo does. Also, the pigmentation, through SMP, is less prone to color change over time.

So, is this a long-lasting solution for Hair Loss?

Unfortunately, no. The Scalp Micro pigmentation is a semi-permanent process. It may last longer than your regular tattoo ink, but eventually the skin will exfoliate itself and the pigmentation will fade.

If you're dead set on getting Scalp Micro Pigmentation, we would recommend utilizing a hair growth regiment at the same time so you can train your body to grow it's own hair while you wear the temporary Micro Pigmentation look.

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