5 Benefits of Using a Scalp Mask for A Healthy Scalp & Hair.

5 Benefits of Using a Scalp Mask for A Healthy Scalp & Hair.

Posted on: 2020-11-09 || Posted by: Nina Ross

Hair masks are naturally therapeutic and used to heal/rejuvenate damaged hair areas. But, our scalp gets neglected during the rejuvenation process. Here’s what you should know

What Are the Benefits Of Using Scalp Masks 

Daily styling practices, product choices, and underlying scalp conditions stress our scalp. 

Itchiness, redness, inflammation, wounds, flakiness, and irritations could come up and if left untreated, it leads to hair thinning or hair loss.

Scalp masks like our Nina Ross Scalp Mask Treatment are tailored for your scalp. 

Our scalp masks are nourishing and provide an excellent foundation for healthy hair growth. 

They contain a fantastic blend of ingredients that help them draw out toxins or impurities that attack your scalp’s health.

Let’s dive into the benefits of using scalp masks:

Scalp Mask Benefits

Balances Your Natural Scalp Oils

Scalp masks help balance sebum production at the scalp level. 

Excess sebum production at the scalp level clogs your pores and causes itchiness, redness, and irritation. 

When this happens, it disrupts the hair growth cycle and causes hair thinning or hair loss problems.

Hair Vibrancy

Scalp masks are quite useful for your scalp, but they also leave your hair looking vibrant due to the essential oil ingredients. 

This natural shine is the direct side effect of the various vitamins and minerals present.

Removes Dead Skin Cells

Scalp masks also work great for removing dead skin cells, which can merge with excess oil production and contribute to scalp build up. 

Dead skin cells build up during the winter months as the skin is more susceptible to dry air. 

Eczema, scalp infections, and excessive hair washing can cause an excessive accumulation of dead skin cells on the scalp.

Once these dead cells are removed, the growth of new, healthy cell production kicks off.

Supports Hair Growth

Our Nina Ross Scalp Mask Treatment contains essential oils like rosemary oilcedar-wood oil, eucalyptus oil, and lemongrass oil that contribute to stimulating follicular hair growth for thicker hair strands. 

Combining these oils helps ensure that blood flow is adequate so that your scalp gets and sustains sufficient blood flow for healing and repair.

Removes Product Build-Up

Product-build-up, dead skin cells, and excess sebum oil production can create scalp product build-up. 

Scalp mask treatments are a fantastic way to rid your scalp of build-up. 

They work as a gentle exfoliator that helps extract product build-up from your scalp without causing damage. 

Final Thoughts

Scalp masks work well for treating dry scalp and removing excess product build-up. 

Scalp masks like our Nina Ross Scalp Mask Treatment help rejuvenate your scalp, boost growth, and enhance your hair's thickness. 

If you’re experiencing dandruff or symptoms of Seborrheic dermatitis, scalp masks help relieve those symptoms without affecting your hair or scalp. 

If you’ve got healthy hair, using a scalp mask once a month -- when coupled with Nina Ross Gro & Glo Shampoo and Nina Ross Gro & Glo Conditioner-- moisturizes your hair and scalp. 

If you suffer from scalp conditions or tend to experience excessive product build-up, use the scalp mask regularly until the symptoms subside.

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