Here’s How Microneedling Prevents Hair Loss

Here’s How Microneedling Prevents Hair Loss

Posted on: 2020-11-11 || Posted by: Nina Ross

Today, many men and women are turning to Microneedling. It improves your scalp's health and supports healthy hair growth. Learn more 

What Is Microneedling?

If you have experienced hair thinning or hair loss in recent years, the pains of finding natural and therapeutic methods to regrow your hair seem tricky.

And knowing what treatments and techniques to combine so you can get the best results for your scalp and hair seems just as difficult.

Microneedling involves using a derma roller or small needles that gently prick the skin or scalp. 

This treatment helps the skin and scalp produce collagen, healthy tissue, blood flow, and healthy hair follicles.

A derma roller is a small roller that's covered in tiny needles [between 0.25mm - 1.5 mm in length].  

So, What Are The Benefits Of Using Microneedling On The Scalp?

There are many benefits of using Microneedling on the scalp. As the derma roller is used over the scalp and hairline, it creates tiny punctures that create a clear path for promising results. 

1. Improves Scalp Circulation

Derma rollers help increase blood flow to the scalp. The derma rollers create superficial punctures, which help boost blood flow to the area. 

Blood flow is essential to hair growth as it’s responsible for transporting vital nutrients and oxygen to your hair follicles. 

Increasing blood flow to the scalp leads to thicker hair growth at a faster rate.  

2. Boosts Collagen Production

Derma rollers help heal the scalp through collagen production. 

Collagen production not only helps to sustain a healthy flow of blood but also helps to improve the strength of your follicles and prevents future follicular damage.

3. Supports Combination Therapy

Microneedling is often used with other hair growth therapy forms, like oils or other topical agents that help stimulate new hair growth or support hair regrowth and thickening.  

These tiny punctures help enhance the hair follicles' accessibility for topical treatments, which are applied immediately after the Microneedling process.

Products that are quite beneficial after Microneedling and promote hair growth contain essential oils like:

  • Rosemary Oil
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil
  • Lemongrass Oil
  • Lavender Oil

Products with these ingredients add vital nutrients to your hair follicles. 

4. Promotes Thicker Hair

If thicker hair is your goal, Microneedling help boost your hair count for thicker hair.  

Studies show that using Microneedling gets you better results than Minoxidil. 

What to Expect During Your Treatment.

When you schedule an appointment with a hair doctor, a derma roller is used over your scalp and hairline. 

The specialist will apply a topical anesthetic to your scalp before starting the procedure to reduce any discomfort you might experience during the process.

The duration of your procedure depends on the area your specialist is treating. Most procedures, however, last between 8 - 15 minutes. 

Once the Microneedling process is complete, your specialist may apply a topical ointment, balm, or oil to the area or another injection. This final step is based on your needs. 

What Are The Side Effects Of Microneedling?

You may experience some redness, tingling, pain, swelling, or irritation after your treatment. 

Some people complain of bruising and oozing from the tiny punctures. 

But according to the American Academy of Dermatology, these side effects are expected. So, if you've got questions or concerns, discuss them with a specialist. 

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

New hair growth that results from Microneedling is noticeable around the 6-week marker. 

Fast growth may occur if you use a combination of therapies like oils, topical agents, and Microneedling. 

Who Shouldn’t Use Microneedling?

You should stay away from Microneedling services if you’re:

  • Taking blood thinners
  • Suffering from hemophilia or conditions that affect your body's healing ability
  • Pregnant 

So, if you’ve got an existing health condition, you should consult with your physician before undergoing Microneedling services. 

Wrapping Up

Microneedling improves your scalp's health, increases hair thickness, and improves blood flow to your scalp. 

When combined with other therapeutic interventions like topical agents, this process can speed hair growth rate.

Interested in taking advantage of Microneedling? We’re ready to help you take your first steps.

Talk to us today.

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