Want Microlinks That Match Your Natural Hair? This is For You

In today’s post, we’ll answer frequently asked questions we get from people in Atlanta and surrounding areas about Microlink extensions for natural hair. Learn more

What Makes Natural-Texture Microlinks Unique?

It’s simple...it feels and looks like your real hair-- whether you’ve got kinky or curly hair. So, if you’re looking to add some fullness and length to your hair while still styling your hair the way you want, then look no further. Plus, you can’t go wrong with these extensions if you love caring for your natural hair.



Can You Get Microlinks Extensions That Match Your Natural Hair?

The short answer...Yes. 

Natural-texture Microlinks are 100% human hair and are steam-processed to look exactly like kinky/curly hair. They blend so well with your hair that you just might forget that you’ve got extensions on.



So, How Are These Microlinks Installed?

At Nina Ross, our method of installing microlinks extensions are tailored to make sure you enjoy the whole process from start to finish. Here’s how it works:

  • With Wefted Microlinks, the top of your hair is exposed. So we use extension textures that match your natural hair pattern for a perfect blend. 
  • If you'd like your natural curl pattern to blend with a different texture, we’ll apply an Amino Acid Smoothing Treatment to your hair before installation. The treatment is harsh-free and your natural coil returns in 12 weeks.


Here’s Why Should You Consider Natural-Texture Microlinks

  • It’s easy to install and take out. 
  • You can shampoo, cut and style as you want.
  • No need for heat, glue, or other chemicals so your natural hair stays intact. 
  • You can finally kiss relaxers goodbye.
  • You can reuse and re-adjust as you want.   



What About Care and Maintenance?

You care for your micro links the same way you care for your natural hair.  

  • Use shampoos that are sulphate-free so you don’t dry out the extensions.
  • When washing,  do it slowly and gently in a downward motion.  
  • Detangle the hair from its ends to root. 
  • Re-tighten every 4 weeks to prevent matting or breakage.
  • Apply heat-protection spray before you use heat [like a blow dryer] or just allow air-dry. 

Final Thoughts

Natural hair microlinks work amazingly well when it comes to protecting your hair and exploring different hairstyles -- no matter your budget, hair type or desires.

Just treat your extensions like you'd take care of your natural hair and you’d get the best out of it.

At Nina Ross, our microlinks method will last you 6-8 months as long as you follow our home care instructions and you come in for a maintenance appointment every 2-3 months.

Ready to try out Natural-texture Microlink extensions for that fuller, luscious look you desire? Let us know!

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