5 reasons a Braidless Sewin could be the answer to your prayers

Braidless sew ins are a way to add length to your hair without bulkiness, while also giving you the versatility of style.

Hair extensions, like the people who wear them, come in all shapes and sizes.

Traditional sew ins are installed by sewing the hair extensions directly into cornrows on your head. If you've ever had cornrows you know how painful that can be, add sewing in hair onto your tender scalp, you'll quickly see how braidless sew ins are a favorite for those who choose to get hair extensions.

Here Are Our Top 5 Reasons A Braidless Sew In Weave Should Be Your Go-To Hairstyle:

1. Flexibility of Styling:
Since the extensions are sewn in between your hair they are much more flexible than traditional sew in hair extensions. This means you can change your part or wear a high ponytail without any lumps

2. Quicker Installation
Choosing to get your hair done is a commitment. Hopefully you've brought snacks, maybe a crossword puzzle or two, and patience. The blessing of braidless sew ins is that they take half the time of traditional sew-in extensions.

Since you don't have to get your hair braided first, you've already shaved off half the time of sitting in a salon chair.

3. Healthier For Your Strands and Scalp
With traditional sew-ins your edges are likely to be stressed from the tension of cornrows causing breakage- nobody wants that. Another benefit of going with a braidless application is that you have access to your scalp, that means shampooing is easier and NO MORE PATTING YOUR HEAD when it itches

4. Works Well With Any Hairtype
Braidless sew ins are a good weave application if you have fine hair. While it's easier to apply traditional sew in methods to coarser hair because braids will stay longer, the lack of needing to braid the hair makes it an ideal method for those with less coarse hair types.

5. Longevity
With the access to your scalp that you get with braidless weaves you're more able to properly maintain your tresses. The breathability and access, your extensions will be able to look good for longer.

There you have it. If you're thinking about changing your hairstyle this fall, give a braidless sew in a try. At Nina Ross Hair Therapy, we use tracks of virgin hair for braidless sew in extensions to give you a natural look that lasts for months.  

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