Pravana Perfection


The Pravana Perfection treatment uses a Shea Butter & Amino Acid based treatment to gently lay your natural textured hair into a frizz-free state that lasts for 8 to 12 weeks.

Also known as Pravana Smooth Out, Relaxer for Natural Textures, Natural Keratin Treatment, Amino Acid Treatment, Natural Hair Straightening Treatment or Guilt-free relaxer.



If you're looking for a way to perfectly blend natural hair with extensions, this is it! The Pravana treatment is the fastest growing treatment for natural hair straightening in Atlanta.



The Pravana Perfection Is Great for:

  • Straightening wavy, curly or kinky hair textures without the use of relaxers and harsh chemicals

  • Preserving your natural hair while wearing it straight

  • Times where you need a little easier manageability



How long does the Smoothing Treatment take to apply?

Average treatment time is 2 hours but can be more depending on coil pattern and hair length.



Natural Straightening Treatment Pics



Booking A Pravana Perfection Appointment