Need help with a stubborn health issue?

Need help with a stubborn health issue?

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Meet Dr. Nina

Dr. Nina Lassiter, ND (aka Nina Ross) has over a dozen years of experience in the integrative health and wellness space.

She got her start while in college by working as informational liaison for a world-renowned Natural Health company where she collaborated with medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists and other wellness professionals to build holistic healing protocols for clients nationwide.

Seeking a more direct way to help people, she opened a hair care practice and serviced thousands of women and men experiencing some form of a scalp condition or hair loss. In assisting those clients, it became apparent that hair/scalp issues were merely symptoms of a deeper imbalances taking place in the body.

Drawing from her information liaison experience, she was able to encourage her clients to do vital lab testing that was not being done to dig deeper to find the root cause of their issue. In many cases she went above and beyond and worked with those clients step-by-step to fix their health concerns. From there, the business began to focus on using natural approaches to address complex molecular health issues of all sorts.

To provide the absolute best experience for clients, she became a double Board-certified Naturopathic Practitioner. For good measure, she also earned her Ph.D. in Functional Drugless Medicine.

Armed with the mantra of "knowledge is power", Dr. Nina preaches that the more information you have in terms of your own unique health, the better equipped you will be to make informed health decisions in the future. While she has the utmost respect for conventional medicine, the future of health is in Natural, Functional & Integrative methods. She is a part of a growing movement to shift this paradigm and bring holistic health to everyone.

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