Is Plasma the real fountain of youth?

Are you experiencing Wrinkles, Loose Skin, Acne Scars, Discoloration, Dark Circles, Sagging Skin or Untimely Aging? Fear not, because your body contains platelets that, when infused into your face, promote collagen growth, regenerates tissue, and naturally smooths and tightens the skin. We infuse these platelets during a procedure called the PRP Facelift, Plasma Facial or the "Vampire Facial". 

This treatment is referred to as a 'facial' but is actually a very in-depth and highly effective procedure. During the treatment, we use a combination of electroporation, LED foto bio-stimulation and microneedling to infuse the plasma platelets deep into the skin, where they act as a "fountain of youth", gradually removing blemishes and restoring your skin to a softer, more supple and youthful state.

Platelet Rich Plasma helps:

  • Look younger
  • Erase Sun Damage
  • Fill in deep wrinkles
  • Erase deep acne scars and pitting
  • Stretch marks
  • Skin Recovery and Smoothing
  • Collagen Reproduction
  • Rosacea
  • Dark circles and puffiness under eyes
  • Brightens your skin and makes it look healthy

You can come in and try it with our single session pricing (see below), however this is not recommended. This treatment is recommended as a series of at least 6 treatments done once a month.  Touch up treatments can then be performed once or twice per year. Results do vary from person to person.

Try It


Retail Price

  • Includes 1 treatment
  • 6 Rich Plasma Vials
  • 30 minutes of Dermapen
  • Moderate results
  • Add Fusion Meso boost +$50

Like It


3 session package - save 17%

  • Includes 3 treatments
  • 18 Rich Plasma Vials
  • 1 hour 30 minutes of Dermapen
  • Good results
  • 1 Fusion Meso boost included

Love it


6 session package - 25% discount!

  • Includes 6 treatments
  • 36 Rich Plasma Vials
  • 3 hours of Dermapen
  • Maximum impact
  • 2 Fusion Meso boosts included
Best value

The Fusion Meso difference

Fusion Meso products available at Nina Ross Hair & Skin Therapy

Fusion Meso products available at Nina Ross Hair & Skin Therapy

Nina Ross is one of the only Atlanta Spa's that offer Fusion Meso Therapy Products.

Fusion Meso is an industry leader in offering scientifically proven cosmeceutical serums to target problem areas on your face, body, hair, and skin. 

For Vampire Facials we have several highly effective options Non-Surgical FACELIFT in Atlanta that help regenerate collagen and fade unsightly marks and blemishes. If you would like learn more about Fusion Meso products please visit their website.

Vampire facial FAQ's

Why come to Nina Ross for The Vampire Facial?

What sets us apart is our combination of Radio Frequency, Ultrasonic Cavitation and Advanced Cosmeceuticals that all come together to rejuvenate and tighten skin more effectively and permanently than simply relying on the plasma alone. The average MedSpa chain typically uses just one of these three options.

Beyond that, Nina Ross uses only Georgia licensed staff to perform our procedures. Our affordable membership program makes a body contouring maintenance program affordable. Membership requires no sign up or hidden fees.

How does this work?

PRP therapy was first developed, used and validated for orthopedic surgery with a body of clinical literature accumulated over more than thirty years. In this treatment, the healing platelets from blood plasma separated from a patient’s own blood are re-injected into the body to enhance healing.

Platelets are tiny blood cells that are important in the clotting process. As the clot is formed, the platelets release enzymes that promote healing and play a role in tissue regeneration by attracting stem cells to aid in the repair of a damaged area.

The same process is used in the Vampire Facial. The patient’s own blood is drawn, treated, and then the platelet-rich plasma is injected into the patient’s face. Injections are made into strategic areas to encourage skin healing and renewal through new collagen production and fresh skin cells full of human growth factors. This increase in collagen and growth factors creates a more youthful, plumper, and firmer appearing skin.

As a result of the Vampire Facial treatment, the patient’s skin is naturally refreshed with little downtime.

What is the process of getting treatment?

Before any treatment, you will have a thorough consultation with your physician. This is your opportunity to discuss your goals and expectations for the treatment and he or she will ask about your medical history. Whether it is on the same day or at a future date, the treatment will follow the same steps:

1) Preparation: The treatment area is thoroughly cleansed and prepared.

2) Targeting injections: Your physician marks the areas on your face that need to be freshened or lifted with a special pencil that wipes away easily.

3) Blood draw: Your physician takes about 2 teaspoons of blood from your arm, in the same way you would have a regular blood test.

4) Isolating PRP: The drawn blood is placed in a centrifuge for 5 to 10 minutes. This equipment spins the blood at high speed to separate the lighter plasma from the rest of contents of the blood. This isolated platelet rich plasma is “activated” by a special process to begin releasing growth factors that, once injected into the body, will increase collagen production and have other healing effects.

5) Topical anesthesia: If required or requested, your physician will apply a topical numbing cream to your face to keep you comfortable during your treatment.

6) Injection of PRP: The physician injects the separated and activated platelet rich plasma back into your face.

7) Repeat: Best results are obtained after about three treatments spaced about a month apart, though a single treatment can be effective for some individuals.

8) Watch and wait: Growth factors contained in the plasma stimulate the release of the skin’s stem cells. The skin is being tricked into believing that it has been injured and must heal itself with new, fresh tissue. This somewhat sneaky process allows the skin to create new collagen, new blood vessels, and new cells. The results will not be immediate, so while you patiently wait a few weeks and even a few months, your skin will begin to transform itself.

How is the Vampire Facial different from dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are made from a substance that mimics what is naturally found under the skin and are like a gel that fills in lines and folds on the face. The body absorbs the product within 6 to 12 months, and a repeat treatment is then required.

PRP stimulates the body to create its own new collagen and tissue to create youthful volume and improve tone and texture. It can often be used in areas where dermal fillers are not safe. PRP treatment does not target individual lines and wrinkles but rather improves the overall quality of an area.

What is the recovery process?

The Vampire Facial requires little recovery time. There may be redness and some tenderness on the first day that appears much like sunburn. Occasionally some bruising may occur. The initial redness will subside on the second day, and some patients then notice some swelling and a sandpaper texture to the skin the day after treatment. By the third day, the swelling should diminish. The sandpaper texture to the skin may persist for up to a week.

Though you may notice these changes, you will not likely have any significant downtime as a result of these symptoms. You can go back to your regular daily activities after your appointment and, with a light make-up application, no one will be the wiser about your procedure.

How do I get started?

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