Tape-In Extensions

Tape In Hair Extensions are attached quick and easy by pressing two gel strips towards each other with a part of your own hair in between. They lay completely flat with no bulkiness at all.

Tape-In Extensions are also referred to as Tape Down Extensions, Seamless Extensions, Skin Weft Extensions, Tape Weft Extensions.


Simple, straight-forward, and easy to use, tape-in hair extensions give you a full, natural look fast! At Nina Ross, we have performed dozens of tape-in extensions services for Atlanta women of all ethnicities and hair types.



Tape-Ins are great for:

  • A beginner to hair extensions. You get to know if you like the weight and feel without committing to a longer term technique.

  • Doing a quick upgrade for a special event like a wedding.



Caring for Tape-Ins

You want to avoid heavy oils and limit washes to a couple times a week to ensure you get your money’s worth. Tape down hair extensions can be reused/refitted and, if properly cared for, can last 2-4 months.



Benefits of Tape-Ins

  • Hair can be reused, so there is only the service cost to have them removed and reattached

  • They are faster to install

  • Cost effective compared to other methods



Maintaining Tape-Ins

They are maintained by having them removed and reattached when they grow out. We guarantee our tape weft hair extensions for 6-8 weeks.



Tape-In Clients



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