Scalp Treatments

The foundation of Healthy Hair

When it comes to something as important as your hair & scalp, health is a lifelong commitment. So, it's important to treat the underlying causes of hair & scalp problems—not just the symptoms.

Our trichology practice offers a complete selection of hair health, scalp health, and hair restoration therapies performed with compassion and an eye for detail.

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Who is this treatment for?

If you’re suffering from or have reason to believe you may be experiencing any form of Hair Loss, then please visit our section on Plasma-Plus™ for Hair Loss.

If you’re seeking guidance on your hair health, we offer blood testing for nutrient and hormone levels that are the blueprints to understanding your unqiue situation.

If you’re suffering from Slow Growth, Excessive Dandruff, Seborrhoea, Scalp Psoriasis, Scalp Exczema, Hair Descoloration, Thinning or Devitalised hair then please read further.

 A Powerful Combination

Found exclusively at Nina Ross Hair & Skin Therapy, Advanced Scalp-Restore™ is a grouping of the most powerful organic scalp rejuvenation formulas combined into one simple and highly effective treatment.

It works to:

  • Increase blood flow and oxygenation in the scalp
  • Reverse scalp conditions like Psoriasis, Exczema and Dandruff
  • Strengthen weak hair shafts
  • Regrow a youthful scalp matrix
  • Deliver all necessary vitamins, minerals and amino acids for proper functioning of nutritional and energetic metabolism

What happens next is a properly fed scalp begins to heal itself. Over time the scalp restores, healthy and vitalized as ever.

The "magic wand" Electroporation Machine

The "magic wand" Electroporation Machine

A powerful solution

The treatment is named Advanced ScalpRestore™, which revitalizes and heals your scalp using powerful, therapeutic ingredients proven to promote healthy scalp and hair. This treatment is specifically designed to provide long-term scalp nurturing benefits.

The Advanced ScalpRestore™ scalp treatment package is packed with scalp health ingredients and therapies including:

  • 13 Organic Scalp Restoring Metabolites
  • Cellular LED Stimulation
  • Controlled Steam Therapy
  • Protein Channel Stimulation
  • Microneedling Collagen Induction
  • Aromatic Hot Towel Treatment
A healthy scalp is a happy scalp!

A healthy scalp is a happy scalp!

The Scalp is the Foundation

Between the office, home and the typical stresses of personal life, we have enough to worry about without the nagging problems of dandruff or thinning hair. Truly, a healthy head of hair is impossible without a great scalp – it takes a healthy scalp to supply hair with the moisture and nutrients it needs to look its best. And at Nina Ross our Trichology Experts offer a scalp treatment that will revitalize your scalp, your hair, and your outlook on hair health.

Steam Therapy does amazing things for the scalp

Steam Therapy does amazing things for the scalp

Ensuring Long-Lasting Results

To ensure that we address the reason you experienced scalp and hair concerns in the first place, we also offer an advanced nutrition and supplementation protocol as well as blood nutrient and hormone levels testing. We use these two methods as the way to keep your levels optimal at all time and your head full of beautiful hair for years to come.