ULTRASLIM™ Body Shaping

Atlanta’s highly effective solution for a toned and tightened shape.


Suffering from "stubborn" fat

No matter your dress size, nearly all of us have a certain amount of stubborn body fat that no matter how much dieting and exercise we try just never seems to disappear. This fat is called Adipose Tissue and it has tortured countless people over the years. Until now.


A new solution

Advances in technology have uncovered the most effective, non-invasive method for eliminating stubborn fat. Many Doctors and Experts have named it “Natural Liposuction" since it literally removes fat from the body, but in a safe and much more cost effective way. Our system is called UltraSlim Body & Skin Tightening and it's not only a great way to lose fat and loose skin but its also more effective for large areas than Coolsculpting at a much better price.

 Ultrasound waves melt fat away forever.

Ultrasound waves melt fat away forever.

kiss adipose tissue goodbye

Our machines send low frequency ultrasound waves through the skin and into the areas where stubborn adipose tissue are the most prevalent. These waves actually liquefy the fat, the more we send waves, the more fat heats and drains from the body safely and naturally via your lymphatic system. Our Body Fat Removal and Skin Tightening service is the most advanced technology available in Atlanta.

What makes our treatments different than most other clinics is we use also utilize fat burning amino acids that break up the hardest pockets and smooth them out and away from your body forever.

See results instantly and they only get better with additional sessions.




What areas can this be done?

Areas:  Stomach, Legs, Thighs, Knees, Hips, Butt, Bra Strap, Love handles, Arms, Neck & Décolleté


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The Fusion Meso difference

Nina Ross is one of the only Spas in the United States that offer Fusion Meso Therapy; one of Europe's leading cosmecuetical product lines.

 Fusion Meso products available at Nina Ross Hair & Skin Therapy

Fusion Meso products available at Nina Ross Hair & Skin Therapy

Fusion Meso is an industry leader in offering scientifically proven cosmecuetical serums to target problem areas on your face, body, hair, and skin. 

For Body Contouring we have several highly effective options that help accelerate the burning of fat and greatly reduce cellulite. If you would like learn more about Fusion Meso Therapy products please visit their website.