PRP for Hair Loss

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), taken from the patient’s own blood, is rich in growth factors, tiny messengers that signal the cells to regenerate. PRP has been widely used in medicine to treat a range of health issues, including sports injuries, arthritis, erectile dysfunction, and the visible signs of aging.


Injected into the scalp, the growth factors in PRP can help heal damaged hair follicles and stimulate new hair growth.





How PRP for Hair loss works:

Though the use of PRP in addressing hair loss is a fairly recent technology, initial studies suggest that microneedling PRP into the scalp may be very beneficial as a treatment to generate new hair growth. PRP can be used on its own to stimulate inactive hair follicles, or in conjunction with other non-invasive, regenerative treatments.

PRP can be injected in conjunction with other systems to stimulate hair follicles to grow new hair as one aspect of a comprehensive treatment plan. Contact us today for arguably be best treatment of PRP hair restoration Atlanta has to offer.



Seeing Results:

You will start to see improvement in hair texture, thickness of hair shaft and appearance of new hairs in the treated area within two weeks after treatment.

It typically takes about three months from your initial treatment to see measurable growth.




+ Has PRP Been Proven to Work for Hair Restoration?

A - In a 2014 study published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), researchers concluded that PRP injections are a simple, cost-effective, feasible treatment option for hair loss in patients with androgenic alopecia (male or female pattern baldness).

These scientists also stated that although the technology is in its infancy, PRP hair restoration is a promising treatment option for individuals with thinning hair. In a 2015 randomized, placebo-controlled, clinical trial, also published by NIH, researchers found that a PRP preparation of a specific concentration can effectively stimulate one of the major factors in active hair growth.

+ How is the PRP for hair loss placed in the scalp?

A topical anesthetic cream is placed on the scalp to give numbness. We then use Dermapen Microneedling to introduce the PRP into the scalp.

Dermapen microneedling uses very small needles to make small perforations in the skin. This allows tiny pores to be made that allow the PRP to be placed on the surface and travel down towards the hair follicles. We prefer Microneedling over deep injections due to the fact that Microneedling has the combination effect of stimulating inflammation on the scalp; which helps build all new collagen. Injections don't have this same vital benefit.

+ How long before I see any results from PRP for Hair Growth treatments?

Although you will start to see improvement in hair texture, thickness of hair shaft and growth of new hairs in the treated area within two weeks after treatment, it typically takes one to three months from your initial treatment to see measurable results.

+ I've seen other clinics that administer prp a different way. Why?

Since we've built our own treatment we can only speak for our protocol and methods. However, consider that the type of blood spinning machines, delivery methods and philosophies behind PRP greatly vary across the industry.

In our experience, we have seen higher quality results from using the PRP with Microneedling method that stimulates growth and prevents loss simultaneously.

Results also show that multiple treatments within a short amount of time will have considerably better results than simply receiving one round of injections every few months.

+ Are There Any Side Effects with This Procedure?

As PRP hair restoration uses components of your own blood, there is no chance of an allergic reaction. Studies have shown that PRP injections can improve male and female pattern baldness with no adverse effects. You may experience slight discomfort, mild redness, and pinpoint bleeding during the treatment process, but these symptoms typically resolve rapidly on their own.



Am I a good candidate for PRP Hair Restoration?

Any man or woman experiencing hair loss may be a good candidate for PRP hair restoration in Atlanta. This treatment is recommended for patients with male or female pattern baldness, a genetically-programmed issue.

Individuals in the early stages of hair loss respond best to PRP injections. The ideal candidates for this treatment may be men and women with still functioning hair follicles and weak quality hair growth on the scalp, with thinning areas and hair strands that are weaker and less thick than they were, called “miniaturization.”

If you have noticed thinning hair and want to prevent further hair loss, schedule a consultation with Nina Ross to find out if you are a good candidate for PRP hair restoration.

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