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PRP Hair Loss Therapy

Nina Ross Hair & Skin Therapy is happy to present an offer to our clients the latest in regenerative medicine in the form of PRP therapy for hair loss and for hair thinning. While our spot is already using PRP or plasma rich platelets for the treatment of facial rejuvenation in both the form of micro needling and facelift injections we now know that PRP can be useful in the strengthening of hair thickness the slowing of hair loss and potential increased growth of hair. Baldness is a very psychologically devastating phenomenon for women and for men brilliance medical spa has become involved in regenerative medicine for its promise of bringing rejuvenation to the patient’s skin as well as to the patient’s scalp. *

So, what is PRP or platelet rich plasma?

The PRP shot for the scalp involves collecting 10 mL of the patient’s blood and spinning it down in a centrifuge in specially designed FDA approved tubes for collection. This centrifuge process separates the platelets and the plasma from its blood source. This is done in the most sterile controlled fashion allowable. We then draw off the plasma with the enrich concentration of platelets and plasma. The patient clients scalp is cleaned in a sterile fashion and then is anesthetized with the topical local anesthetic. Are doctors or are well-trained aesthetician will then proceed to make injections in those areas that are devoid of adequate follicular growth. The entire procedure takes about one hour and the patient can return to work if they so desire there may be some swelling or redness but this goes away in about 24 to 48 hours patients are instructed not to shampoo their hair for 24 hours new hair thickness can be seen in 3 to 4 weeks but the true test is about 3 to 4 months. Retreatment may be required in six months to as much as a year. *

So, what is in the plasma/platelet?

PRP contains a variety of factors which include growth factors and powerful stimulating proteins called cytokines and progenitor cells. The cells recruit the patient’s own stem cells to encourage growth particular to the area in which the PRP is injected in other words actual hair follicle losses slowed hair follicle growth is encouraged and thickness ensues after the treatment. We feel hear a brilliance medical spa that PRP injections for the scalp is the latest and best hope for aiding patients with both female and male pattern baldness. Naturally people who are on steroids or who have localized infections or inflammatory skin diseases are not candidates for this treatment. The treatment is quick easy you can return to work immediately afterwords and we have found on the satisfaction rate of 70 to 80% among our patients.  PRP injection of the scalp is affordable especially when compared to the cost of hair transplantation contact us to set up a consultation with our aesthetician at Nina Ross Hair & Skin Therapy.

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