Natural, Kinky Coil Texture Microlinks


One of the most asked questions that we get from people in Atlanta and surrounding areas is can Wefted Microlinks and I-Tip Microlinks be used on natural hair. The answer is…of course!


At Nina Ross we have performed hundreds of Microlinks services for women of all ethnicities and hair types. If you're considering getting this method rest assured knowing you're in great hands with us.



How it works:

  • With I-Tips and Wefted Microlinks, the top of your hair is left out. So we use extension textures that match your natural hair pattern for a perfect blend.

  • If you’d like to loosen your natural curl pattern to blend with a different texture, we can apply an Amino Acid Smoothing Treatment to your hair before installation. The treatment has absolutely NO harsh chemicals and your natural coil returns in 12 weeks!



Caring for Natural Texture Microlinks

  • Taking care of kinky coil texture microlinks is as simple as washing & conditioning like normal.

  • We recommend staying away from products containing Alcohol, since it dries that hair out prematurely.



Benefits of Natural Coil Texture Microlinks

  • No more relaxers!

  • Have hair that looks like yours, only longer

  • There is no adhesive or heat used, just the loop and ring

  • Easy to readjust

  • Easy re-installation

  • Hair can be reused

  • Very fast, easy removal



Maintaining Microlinks

We guarantee our microlinks method for 6-8 months when all home care instructions are followed and you come in for a maintenance appointment every 2 months.




Booking a Microlinks Appointment

  • Wefted Microlinks Install……….$250+

  • I-Tip Microlinks Install............$500+

  • Hair Provided by Request For Additional Fee (Deposit Required)

  • Lighter Colors/Partial installs/24 Inch or Longer: Please call, instant message or book a free consultation.