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Conveniently located in near Buckhead, Georgia, Nina Ross Hair & Skin Therapy aims to serve clients from all walks of life sharing one goal, beautiful eyebrows. Always having one foot in the beauty industry and the other in Education, Nina Ross Hair & Skin Therapy is strictly focusing to beauty.

Nina Ross' background and passion for education is the motivating factor to perfecting her skills in Microblading.  Studying the roots of Microblading has ranked Nina Ross Hair & Skin Therapy work among the Masters in the industry.  Do not settle for "up-and-down" lines on your forehead, there's an actual technique to get the perfect eyebrows.  So please do your research before booking your Microblading service with just anyone. 

We have clients from all over Buckhead, GA and would love to add you to list of people's lives we have changed.. We are here to help, get in touch with us with any questions not answered in our Info pages.  We are here for you. Your happiness is our happiness. 

A lover of life, nature, good shakes, and all things happy!

To give you back your freedom!  A lot of people, especially women spend numerous minutes which eventually adds up to hours, days, years, etc. dedicating to your physical beauty.  And for many, eyebrows take up quite the time.  Whatever the reasoning behind your eyebrows needing treatment we are here to help.  We are here to help you gain your confidence and time back!

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