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A studio dedicated to enhancing natural beauty with low maintenance cosmetic solutions. Nina Ross Hair & Skin Therapy is the destination in Alpharetta, GA you can trust for thorough + precise hair removal as well as the most natural + realistic microblading services. They truly have mastered the art of creating customized eyebrows for their clients! If you're tired of filling in your sparse eyebrows and are curious about Microblading, Nina Ross Hair & Skin Therapy offers complimentary microblading consultations. Book yours online today.


Microblading starts with our consultation: Brows are personally customized for each client. Therefore, a series of questions are asked to determine makeup routine, taste + lifestyle in order to match style of eyebrows to each client's needs.


We use your natural bone structure + our special brow measuring tools to create the perfect eyebrow shape that will best compliment your face. Then we groom brows + remove hair that lyes outside the drawn-on eyebrow lines in order to create a clean + crisp eyebrow template for the procedure.


We use a topical anesthetic (5% lidocaine) to numb the area being microbladed for twenty minutes to minimize any discomfort during the service.

Process of Microblading Procedure

Watch the whole Microblading process from beginning to end: Consult, Brow Measure/Brow Drawing, Numbing, Microblading and the big reveal! See how natural the Microbladed "Boss Brows" look. AMAZING!!!

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