Sandy Springs Hair Extensions

Natural Human Hair Extensions for hair

The creative use of natural human hair extensions, artfully applied to match and contrast with your own hair, offers instant volume and length and provides emergency relief from a disastrous haircut. They are designed to give you length in approximately four hours. …sometimes longer if you want really long hair. A consultation is a must to find out what your needs are and if you are indeed ready for the transformation.

We are proud to be one of a few salons in the Sandy Springs area to offer this luxurious service. We use real human hair, (the key to our all-natural human hair extensions) – from thick Asian hair to finer Indian hair – and guarantee our process will never damage your own hair when you follow our after-care recommendations, and follow-up with regular visits to Indulge as part of your maintenance program.

Because the price varies according to the number and length of the natural human hair extensions you need to achieve your desired look, we invite you to set up a consultation. We give a variety of choices in terms of methods. Please bring photos that illustrate the look you want to achieve.

Pricing is based on your desired look, thickness, and length. Complexity will also be considered before providing extensions. We provide resin, clamp, fusion, I-tip types of hair extensions. We have access to Keratin that is already attached the hair prior to applying them to your hair. We have hair that is customized with lightness and darkness blended into highlights.

Tape in maintenance requires that we open the unit, reapply the strong adhesive and must be done by one of our Indulge professionals to prevent your hair from tearing, ripping, and pulling the hair out. These tape in’s can be done safely while protecting your hair. We recommend every four weeks to be opened and pulled up. Hair color must be done prior to hair extensions are moved up to prevent lines of demarcation. The process is detailed. A consultation is required before we do any extensions and we want you to know what it takes to maintain them in between visits.

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