Fusion Extensions

Fusions are the most luxurious and long lasting extensions. They're light and easy to maintain!

Also known as:

Infusions - Hot Fusion Extensions - Keratin Bond Extensions - Nail Tip Extensions - U-Tip Extensions



More info about Fusion Extensions

Fusion extensions take individual strands and bond them to your natural hair with a hair-healthy protein adhesive. The stylist will individually attach each lock to the client’s hair through use of heating pliers (hot tool) applied to the keratin bond. Fusion extensions should last approximately 4-6 months and eventually replaced as the natural hair grows out.


  • They last longer than any other type of hair extensions
  • You do not need to get them tightened or redone while you have them in
  • The extension colors do not fade (with the exception of pastel shades)
  • Best for maintaining the quality of your hair
  • Extensions look just as good the day you take them out as the day you put them in
  • Minimal maintenance

If you're looking for hair that feels like they’re not even there Fusions hair are the way to go! 

how much do fusions cost?

Lighter Colors/Partial installs/24 Inch or Longer: Please call, instant message or book a free consultation for accurate pricing.

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Up to 150 Strands. Must be already keratin tipped

Installation: Hair Included


1B Color. Up to 22 inches