Are you looking for a solution to reduce the amount of visible cellulite on the body? Our cellulite reduction services in Atlanta are ultimate treatment to reduce the orange peel aspect, stimulate lipolysis, drain and firm the skin where cellulite currently exists.

We use a combination of low frequency ultrasound waves and fat burning cosmeceuticals to heat and liquefy stubborn adipose tissue. This treatment has a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Helps to reduce the aspect of cellulite.
  • Eliminates toxins, reduces leg pain and water retention.
  • Fights against accumulated fat deposits by activating lipolysis and fat metabolism.
  • Firms the skin.
  • Fortifies the blood vessels & microcirculation.

You can come in and try it with our single session pricing (see below), however this is not recommended. This treatment is recommended as a series of at least 6-8 treatments done once per week.  Touch up treatments can then be performed once or twice per year. Results do vary from person to person.

Areas:  Stomach, Legs, Thighs, Knees, Hips, Butt, Bra Strap, Love handles, Arms, Neck & Décolleté

Try It


Retail Price

  • Includes 1 treatment
  • 1 Fusion Meso Vial
  • 45 minutes of Dermapen
  • Moderate results
  • Best for small areas

Like It


6 session package - save 16%

  • Includes 6 treatments
  • 6 Fusion Meso Vials
  • 4 hours 30 mins of Dermapen
  • Good results
  • Best for medium to large areas

Love it


10 session package - 22% discount!

  • Includes 10 treatments
  • 10 Fusion Meso Vials
  • 7 hours 30 mins of Dermapen
  • Maximum results
  • Best for large/multiple areas
Best value

The Fusion Meso difference

Fusion Meso products available at Nina Ross Hair & Skin Therapy

Fusion Meso products available at Nina Ross Hair & Skin Therapy

Nina Ross is one of the only Atlanta Spa's that offer Fusion Meso Therapy Products.

Fusion Meso is an industry leader in offering scientifically proven cosmecuetical serums to target problem areas on your face, body, hair, and skin. 

For Cellulite reduction we use the F-XBC Body Serum which eliminates toxins, stimulates fat metabolism, fortifies the cells to avoid new cellulite accumulation and firms the skin where cellulite used to be. If you would like learn more about Fusion Meso products please visit their website.

Cellulite Reduction FAQ's

Why come to Nina Ross for Cellulite Reduction?

What sets us apart is our combination of Radio Frequency, Ultrasonic Cavitation and Advanced Cosmeceuticals that all come together to reduce cellulite and tighten skin more effectively and permanently. The average MedSpa chain typically uses just one of these three options. Beyond that, Nina Ross uses only Georgia licensed staff to perform our procedures. Our affordable membership program makes a cellulite reduction program affordable. Membership requires no sign up or hidden fees.

How often should I get a Cellulite Reduction session?

Many people get Cellulite Reduction done once per week for 6-8 weeks. Results will vary from person to person.

What areas can Cellulite Reduction be done on?

Cellulite Reduction is best done on Abdomen and flanks (love handles), Lower back and flanks, Both upper arms, Front of both thighs, Back of both thighs. Please ask your Esthetician about any areas you would like to have Cellulite Reduction done and she can guide you on the proper session for each area.

What can I expect during my Cellulite Reduction session?

Your Body Contouring session will last approximately one hour. You will lay back and the Georgia Licensed Practitioner will perform the Body Contouring session using one of our professional grade devices. You will feel like this is a light stone massage during the session.

How do I get started?

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