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Nina Ross Hair & Skin Therapy

Nina Ross Hair & Skin Therapy is the perfect, non-surgical answer for treating those ‘problem areas’ that cause women to feel so displeased about their body image.

Nina Ross Hair & Skin Therapy is a unique, easy to use, no downtime, comfortable, deep therapeutic body contouring treatment that delivers enhanced clinical protocols with consistent results that can be reproduced time after time.

Body Contouring treatments:

Consultation is usually scheduled before the procedure. During the consultation, the master esthetician, Nina Ross, will make measurement the size of treatment aria, explain you the details of the procedure and after procedures recommendation.

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Nina Ross Hair & Skin Therapy Mechanism of Action:

Nina Ross Hair & Skin Therapy combines IR (infrared), bi-polar RF (radiofrequency) and vacuum to precisely heat the tissue up to 3mm and 15mm depth respectively.

The combination of IR and vacuum coupled RF technologies causes deep heating of the fat cells (adipocytes), their surrounding connective fibrous septae and the underlying dermal collagen fibers. Efficient heating of the adipocytes is achieved by higher output of the RF. The optimal design of the electrodes and the concurrent application of vacuum allows for deeper and faster heat penetration. In turn, this promotes an increase in circulation, lymphatic drainage, cellular metabolism and collagen depositing. Furthermore, it stimulates fibroblast activity and remodels the extracellular matrix.

RESULT: A localized reduction in skin laxity, volume and an overall improvement in skin structure and texture.

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