Dreamé - The Ultimate Smoothing Treatment

Dreamé is a smoothing treatment that makes your hair soft, strong and easy-to-style using hair-healthy proteins and world class moisturizers. Results last up to 12 weeks.

Amino Acid Smoothing Treatment

Using Shea Butter and Amino Acids, the Dreamé Natural Hair Smoothing treatment turns coiled hair into a straightened texture for 8 to 12 weeks. If you're looking for a way to perfectly blend natural hair with extensions, this is it! The Dreamé Treatment is the fastest growing solution for natural hair straightening in Atlanta. Also known as Relaxer for Natural Textures, Natural Keratin Treatment, Amino Acid Treatment, Natural Hair Straightening Treatment or Guilt-free relaxer.


The Smoothing Treatment Is Great For:

  • Straightening wavy, curly or kinky hair textures without the use of relaxers and harsh chemicals

  • Preserving your natural hair while wearing it straight

  • Times where you need a little easier manageability


Happy Dreamé Treatment Client!

Using Dreamé will:

    1. Loosen your natural hair coil texture for easier manageability and styling. 2. Smooth and straighten your strands (with flat ironing) for up to 12 weeks. 3. Fortify and strengthen your hair fibers to prevent breakage and hair loss. 4. Deeply moisturize dry strands to have your hair feeling as soft as silk. 5. Transform the hair to a frizz-free state without over-coating the strands



      Who Needs Dreamé?

      • Women who struggle with daily maintenance of their natural hair


      • Women who are natural and use excessive styling products to achieve a certain look


      • Women who have frizzy, dry and brittle hair


      • Mothers who struggle with daily maintenance of their child’s hair and need a healthy alternative to hair relaxers or excessive heat


      • Women who wear hair relaxers and struggle with how unhealthy they are


      • Women who wear hair extensions but don’t know how to blend their hair with the extensions safely


      • Men looking to soften the texture of their natural hair for easier styling like twists & braids


      Happy Dreamé Client!

      How Long Does The Smoothing Treatment Take To Apply?

      Average treatment time is 3 hours but can be more depending on coil pattern and hair length. The effects of Dreamé last up to 12 weeks, giving you a long window of time to enjoy your hair in between needing treatments.


      Dreamé opens up a world of styling options

      It is important to take care of your hair type. No matter your natural hair texture, you can now safely loosen your hair texture without using excessive product, heat or permanently altering your texture.

      Unlike formaldehyde-based straighteners or hair relaxers, Dreamé uses a proprietary blend of Amino Acids, Natural Moisturizers and Essential Oils to save you hours of styling and prep time while boosting the health of your hair.

      In addition to being a world-class moisturizer, our formula also helps to reduce water absorption from the surrounding environment such as humidity or rain.



      Another Great Dreamé transition!



      Booking A Dreamé Smoothing Treatment in Atlanta

      The Dreamé treatment is typically $150. Although hair longer than 20 inches and/or kinkier textures may be additional.

      Looking to try the Dreamé Smoothing Treatment for yourself? Book your appointment and we'll take it from there!



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