Interested In Tape-In Hair Extensions? Read This First

There are many ways you can install hair extensions. But, knowing what suits your hair, scalp, and preferences might feel a bit overwhelming. That’s where Tape-in hair extensions come in.


The Benefits of Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions [also called tape down extensions, seamless extensions, skin weft extensions, or tape weft extensions] are quite easy to install, remove, and re-use.

At Nina Ross Hair Therapy, our installation process ensures your natural hair isn’t affected. Tape-In Hair extensions are designed without the protruding visible rows that usually come with standard sew-ins.

Our hair experts are skilled at installing tape-in hair extensions that look so natural, you’re sure to get a lot of compliments as you walk into places. 

Here's why you should consider these extensions;

Light in Weight.

Tape-in hair extensions are lightweight and won't cause any strain or stress to your hair or scalp. Once you're gentle and don't tug too much, your hair and the tapes won't get damaged. 

Variety of Textures.

Blending your hair or finding a hair texture that suits your personality is what you want.  That’s why Nina Ross Hair Therapy offers tape-in hair extensions in different textures for women of all ethnicities.

Affordable and Easy to Maintain.

Our Tape-In Hair Extensions are affordable and last up to 6-8 weeks with proper care. We offer high-quality tape-in hair extensions that are reusable, so you can wear them again and again.   

How Long Does It Take Us To Install/Remove Your Tape-In Hair Extensions?

On average, you can expect to spend anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour at our salon. The duration of your sessions will depend on your needs.

But removing your extensions takes about 15 minutes.  

Do You Need A Stylist to Install Your Tape-In Hair Extensions?

You can either install tape-in hair extensions from the comfort of your home or take advantage of a specialist. 

However, we recommend going for a professional stylist if you haven't installed tape-in installations before or you can't deal with its process.  

Your stylist will help ensure there's sufficient volume and balance as you'd want. 

How to Take Proper Care of Your Tape-In Hair Extensions

  • When you take off your tape-in hair extensions, take time out to clean and detangle them. 
  • Plus, store your hair extensions in a cool, dry, and dark place.  
  • Don’t store your hair extensions while they are wet, so they don't grow molds or bacteria that make your hair smell terrible. 
  • Don’t dry your hair out in the sun. Sunlight breaks down your hair's structure, leaving it vulnerable to split-ends and shedding. 
  • Remember your tape-in hair extensions are human hair and susceptible to the same environmental hazards as your natural hair. 

Final Thoughts

Hair extensions are an excellent way to add some volume and length to your hair if you’re looking for a way to switch up your look.

Plus, Tape-in hair extensions are a fast and easy way to add volume and length to your hair. 

They are also excellent options for special occasions, events and an affordable way to change your look for 6-8 weeks. All you need to do is to take proper care of them.

Time to switch up your look? 

Contact Nina Ross Hair Therapy today to schedule your first session.

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