Would Microlink Extensions be the best option for you?

Microlinks are also referred to as Cold Fusions, Micro Bead, I-Tip, I Link Extensions or Shoelace Extensions. Are they best for you? Learn here.

What Are I-Tip Microlink Extensions?

Choosing the best hair extension installation method for your hair needs seems difficult, especially if you have fine or thin hair. You want the hair to look and feel genuine.Plus, you want to be careful, so you don’t compromise your natural hair’s health or quality.

Well, I-Tip Microlink extensions are a fantastic solution if you’ve got thin hair and need a solution that will help you hide hair loss and add volume/ length too. The best part? There’s no braiding, glue sewing, or clipping involved.

I-Tip Microlink hair extensions have many names like:

  • Beaded extensions
  • Micro-rings
  • Nano-rings
  • Micro-bead
  • Micro-tubes
  • Cold fusion
  • Microlink

They’re an excellent installation method for fine or thin hair because proper installation allows for adequate weight distribution on your hair. 

The hairstylist installing your microbead can ensure that it holds a sufficient amount of hair and doesn’t pull or stress your hair.

There are also many human hair textures for you to choose --from kinky, curly, wavy, to straight hair.



How Are I-Tip Microlink Hair Extensions Installed?

The term ‘Microlink’ means using a micro-sized bead to thread a micro-sized portion of your hair, which is then clamped to hold the hair in place. 

It creates a fantastic, natural hair flow based on this strand-by-strand method.  



What Can You Expect?

The I-Tip Microlink hair extension installation process can take a few hours to complete. The hair installation process would need about 2-3 bundles for installation for a full head of hair.

And the average installation is 200-300 individual strands. 

However, the hours you trade for a look you’ll love is always worth your time.

Some people complain of itchiness and discomfort in the first few days or weeks post-installation while others complain of having difficulties in sleeping during the initial days post-installation. 


How To Care Properly For Your I-Tip Microlink Hair Extensions

With proper care, your Microlinks can last up to 6-8 months. To maintain your Microlink hair extensions, you should plan regular visits to your Nina Ross Hair Therapy technician [like every two months]. 

One of the benefits of wearing micro links is that you can make adjustments and re-installations as you want.


The Right Way to Comb And Brush Your I-Tip Microlinks

While you can comb and brush this hair extension, you shouldn’t brush or comb it root to tip. Avoid rubbing, pulling, or tugging your hair. Always be gentle. 

Detangle from the ends and slowly work your way back up towards the root without combing.


How to Wash Your I-Tip Microlink Hair Extensions.

When it comes to cleaning your micro link hair extensions, you don't want to clean them too frequently. You'll also need to avoid dirt, debris, or product build-up.  

If you decide to do this yourself, you should wash your microlinks in a downward motion. 

Your goal is to avoid tangling this hair or creating unwanted frizz. 

Use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners that hydrate the hair and nourish your scalp. Products like Nina Ross Gro &Glo Shampoo and Nina Ross Gro & Glo Conditioner help keep this healthy hair full of life and vibrant while also helping with scalp care.


How to Dry Your Micro-link Hair Extensions

  • If you washed your Micro-links yourself, ensure you pat your scalp and hair dry. 
  • Avoid rubbing, pulling, or tugging. 
  • Take steps to minimize tangles.
  • Use a light-weight t-shirt or a small towel to dry the hair closest to your microbeads.



The Right Way to Use Heat on These Extensions

You can use heat on this hair either to dry it or style it.  If you use a blow-dryer to dry your hair, choose a low heat setting to avoid damaging your hair or the micro rings. 

Most of these rings or beads are made of metal and heating them could burn your scalp. 



Can I-Tip Microlink Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

I-Tip Microlink hair extensions -- like every other hair extension installation method -- can damage your hair if they aren’t well installed or if you try to take them out yourself. 

If your stylist installs the links too close to the scalp, it could cause some discomfort. Here at Nina Ross we take great care to install your extensions in a way that preserves the health of your natural hair.



Final Thoughts.

Microlink extensions are a great way to change your look and cover up hair loss. Like other hair extensions, micro links help you add length and boost volume. The great thing about microlinks is you can reuse this hair for another installation. So, if you’re ready to take the next steps towards I-Tip Microlink hair extensions, contact us today to get started.

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