Could a Braidless Sewin be the answer to your dreams?

Finding a new way to install hair that won’t affect your sensitive scalps or fragile hair is a never-ending question. However, braidless sew-ins are here to fix that.

How Is A Braidless Sew-In Done?

Braidless Sew-Ins is a method used to install hair without causing tension on your scalp. 

Braidless sew-ins may involve using a blend of techniques for its installation. Microlinks are used as the standard method for sewing on the weft extension.

Small sections of your hair are parted into smaller squares and a bead is used to thread your hair. Hair pliers are used for shifting the bead closer to the root, stabilizing and preventing the bead from falling 


Then, the track is sewn onto the braidless hair as a part of the installation process.



How To Care For A Braid Less Sew-In?

Your hair extension technician will give you guidelines on caring for your braidless sew-in. However, there are a few general tips that you can follow to maintain this hair:



Wash Your Hair the Right Way

  • Don’t wash your hair during the first 2-3 days post-installation. Give your hair time to settle and for the keratin glue to dry.
  • Next, keep your hair/scalp clean and reduce tangle risks.
  • You should always be gentle with this hair. Wash your extensions from their roots and rinse. 
  • Apply conditioner midway to the hair shaft, then rinse from root to tip. You want to make sure you do this in a top-down motion to prevent tangling. 



Brush Your Hair Extensions to Keep Them Tangle-Free

  • You can use a soft-bristle or a looper brush to tame those tangles. These brushes work great at detangling extensions without damaging your hair. 
  • Aim to brush your hair 2-3 times a day
  • When detangling, always start at the ends, hold your hair tightly to avoid pulling from the root. 
  • Then, work your way up towards the thread. 
  • You want to avoid tugging or pulling so that you don’t trigger breakage.  


Create a Bedtime Ritual for Your Hair

You’ll need to take time to put your keratin fusion hair extensions up into a ponytail or loose-braids to prevent tangles or hair friction that can disturb the hair's structure. 

Don’t go to bed with wet hair as this can cause hair matting, which is quite difficult to detangle.



Use Heat with Caution

You might want to use heat to flat-iron or add some waves or curls to your hair. 

That’s OK but use heat carefully as it’s also human hair and prone to the same damages your natural hair can suffer. 

If you must use heat, ensure you use a heat protectant.



Final Thoughts

Our Braidless Sew-Ins allow you to transform your look as you want. 

Women have spent the last few decades finding ways to wear hair extensions that add body, length, and versatility to their hair. 

Braidless sew-ins can last 6-8 weeks. These hair extensions are a fantastic option if you want to wear hair extensions that won’t feel like they’re weighing you down.

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