PRP For Hair Loss | Why We Get Better Results!

So What Exactly Is PRP?

Platelets are integral to blood clotting and wound healing, so medical practitioners often choose to inject PRP near injury sites to speed the body's natural healing processes.

PRP, better known as Platelet Rich Plasma is a unique treatment method that uses your very own blood to revitalize your skin and hair follicles.


Here’s How It Works!

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First your blood is drawn and put into a centrifuge machine. 

When the centrifuge machine spins, it creates a heterogenous mixture of your blood separating your plasma from the mix. The plasma is then injected into the effected areas of your hair and scalp.

This is important because your plasma is full of growth factors which is the KEY to restoring your hair follicles, your scalp, and your skin with proper nutrients for growth, strength, and health. 

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Have you received poor results from PRP in the past? This could be the reason.

I’ve had a lot of new clients come in and explain their disappointment with their previous PRP results received from other specialists. 

I think this may be the case because sometimes our bodies’ internal needs are neglected when using restoration treatments.

This can happen perhaps when an unknown hormonal imbalance has been combined with the use of topical treatments, therefore resulting in temporary positive results, or no results at all. 

In most cases, this is unintentional simply because we aren’t always aware of our bodily issues, so we don’t know to address them before applying an external treatment method.


Why We Get Better Results at Nina Ross

At Nina Ross Hair and Skin Therapy, we take a different approach in regards to treatment, mainly because we put the spotlight on holistic health. 

Before we begin your treatments, we take a look at your blood work so that we can make sure your hormones are at a healthy balance. Then we discuss factors such as your nutrition, your lifestyle and family history In order to customize the best treatment process for YOU.


If you are experiencing moderate to advanced hair loss, and are seeking restoration resources,

Platelet Rich Plasma is an excellent option to consider.

We are always here to help with any questions that you may have. 

For more information and to schedule a consultation, please give us a call (678) 561-4522.