Platelet Rich Plasma and Mesotherapy for Hair Loss Before and After Results!

My client’s hair grew in Just 4 Months!


Here’s How!

4 months ago, Tammy booked her first consultation after experiencing hair loss due to relaxers and tension from braiding styles.

After discussing some information about her health and lifestyle routine, I found the proper nutrition and treatment method for Tammy. 

Which Treatments Does Tammy Receive?

Tammy enjoys receiving electroporation treatments which is our “No-Needle” method for clients who prefer not to use needles.

Tammy also receives Mesotherapy treatments from our Fusion line as well as our Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments (Also known as PRP.)


More about PRP and Mesotherapy

By applying PRP directly to the scalp with microneedling, you'll enjoy a treatment that can return your hair to its natural, thriving state of growth.

Mesotherapy works wonders on our clients! This treatment is formulated to revitalize and fight thinning hair, stimulate regrowth, and reduce future hair loss.

Our clients visit us every two weeks for treatments. 

In house, we use our bio-stimulation machine to apply the F-Hair Mesotherapy formula to the dermis (second layer) of the skin. 

Bio-stimulation restores a very effective micro-circulation of the scalp which in return, will revitalize hair follicles. The result of this method will be an increase in scalp blood flow, scalp nutrition, and oxygenation. 

The treatment is painless, there is no down time, and in Tammy’s case, presented results in as little as 4 months!


Gro’ N Glo’ Is Our Scalp & Strand Rescue Formula

Gro’ N’ Glo is our scalp and strand serum, formulated with essential oils, nourishing vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to assist with certain scalp conditions like dermatitis and psoriasis.⁣

⁣⁣Gro’ & Glo’ is Formulated to:⁣⁣

* Feed your hair the nutrients it needs to build strength.⁣⁣

* Thicken hair strands so you can have fuller hair.⁣⁣

* Dramatically reduce embarrassing dandruff flakes.⁣⁣



Treatments at Nina Ross every two weeks, combined with her use of Gro’ N Glo’ gave Tammy insane results in just as little as 4 months! 

Are you ready for your Platelet Rich Plasma and Mesotherapy results?

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