How To Rid Cellulite And Get The Legs You'll Love

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What Is Fat Blasting?

Known for causing dimples in your skin, cellulite normally occurs on the lower part of a woman body (though men develop cellulite as well). Those skin dimples that take on an orange-peel texture occur when fat starts to poke to the surface of your thighs through fibrous tissues in the skin. 

One of the most innovative treatments for cellulite reduction is ultrasonic cavitation, known more commonly fat blasting. It is an extremely effective method to treat and reduce cellulite fat deposits on the body. Ultrasonic cavitation is a non-surgical form of liposuction and uses an ultrasound machine to produce high-energy waves to a targeted area. These ultrasonic waves create micro bubbles within the fat tissue and interstitial liquid in your body. In short, it liquifies your body fat which is then processed out naturally by your liver. This method of blasting fat is a safe, natural way to reduce cellulite, tighten skin & improve your overall physique. 

How Does It Work?

Using an ultrasound machine, our trained clinicians will go over the area of your body being treated. The ultrasound machine uses sound waves set at a high frequency to target the cellulite in your body and vibrate the tissues. This is pain-free, but the waves penetrate deeply within the tissues to draw blood towards the surface area of your skin. 

Fat blasting is a completely safe method of treating cellulite and slimming the body. The process is completely pain-free and in most cases, you’re generally able to return to your normal routine after the treatment is finished. Due to the release of thermal energy, you may feel warmer in the treatment area temporarily. Drinking lots of water will aid in the process of your liver metabolizing fat and ensure a successful procedure.

This painless treatment lasts about an hour, on average, though this does depend on the area being treated. 

Can I Exercise?

While ultrasonic cavitation is a quick and effective method of treating cellulite– personal measures of good body health are recommended to maintain results. Diet and exercise are both great for the body and will ensure the fat blasting procure is not needed again in the future.

What Results Can I Expect With My Cellulite?

Some women may see instant results but at Nina Ross Hair & Skin Therapy we recommend that patients receive at least 3 treatments for optimum results, leaving at least 3 days between treatments to give your body time to process out the fat. This timeline does vary depending on the severity of the affected area and individual results may vary. For a thorough understanding of the process and how long your unique treatment plan will take it is best to schedule a consultation

Non-invasive lipo is the perfect solution for women who want to contour their body and regain their confidence. At Nina Ross Hair & Skin Therapy we devise a unique treatment plan to help you reach your body goals. 

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