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If you want to look years younger but are looking for a less invasive treatment than cosmetic surgery – then Fusion Meso Therapy is for you.

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Fusion Meso Therapy - Price varies by area

A highly effective alternative to Laser Treatments, the FUSION Meso Therapy treatment offers the latest generation of collagen induction therapy, using tiny needles to vertically pierce the skin and produce hundreds of micro channels while still protecting the epidermis. The micro injuries trigger the synthesis of new collagen, without any risk of scarring to the skin.

These treatments are ideal for people with any concerns of aging skin, these concerns including visible signs of:

- Dull skin color (due to less blood flow)

- Drooping facial shape (due to a decrease in collagen)

- Skin feels dehydrated, and slightly rough

- Wrinkles and folds and fine lines

- Scars, post surgery scars, acne scars

- Eye bags, wrinkles and dark circles

Skin-needling and Fusion Xpert Meso Therapy is a powerful skin hydrator that plumps up the area of treatment, encouraging your skin to boost into repair mode to give you back that overall lift, acne removal in Atlanta, smoother texture and brings back vibrancy by naturally delaying signs of ageing.

- Minimum of 3 Treatments required

- Each protocol is tailored-made for your skin success

- Our treatments are INJECTION FREE! We use the Fusion MESO XPERT tool, therefore eliminating the need for painful syringe injections

- Surgery and Medication Free!

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